CertAsig Bulgaria Branch – supporting the information and training campaign organized by BAIB

Writen by Maria Rangelova Country Manager  maria.rangelova@certasig.ro

– 18 April 2016

CertAsig Bulgaria Branch supports information campaign to promote opportunities for property insurance of BAIB, SO – area “Serdika” and 02 “Regional National Fire Safety and Protection of Population Service” entitled: MISSION “Protect your home”

The campaign aims by appropriate lectures and demonstrations, students from fourth to seventh grade to gain knowledge and skills how to deal with natural disaster situations – flood, earthquake, fire or other emergency also and public awareness about the benefits of insurance in relation of changes in the Protection Act Disaster – related terms and conditions for granting aid for recovery after damage. It states that people are obliged to take measures to protect their property, how to limit the damages from the disaster and to follow the instructions of the competent authority to obviating sources of danger.

During the campaign at the National Training Center of the BRC, Lozen village, will be trained over 474 students from municipal schools SO – area “Serdika”. Along with training launched an essay contest and drawings on a topic related to the prevention of disasters and insurance. The best and most creative works will be awarded.

On 19 April will hold an open demonstration of the most interesting moments of teaching children – fighting a fire, earthquake, first aid in disasters and emergencies. The event will be attended by Deputy Interior Minister Krasimir Tzipov, representatives of Sofia Municipality,  Mayor of SO – area “Serdika” Todor Krastev and other official guests. They will witness a real-time learning games and stressful situations in which children will be trained to react.

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