Commercial Property Insurance

Property Damage Insurance for goods belonging to companies

Property Damage Insurance is designed for all categories of property owners (buildings and/or content) for commercial or industrial purposes or other persons with interest (tenant, custody, etc.)

Advantages :

CertAsig Property Damage Insurance benefits are:

  • Covering the costs of repairing/replacing the property/goods
  • EXTRA package: Business Interruption coverage – provide business protection against loss of income caused by temporary suspension as a material damage consequnce
  • Personalized product according with each customer needs
  • The insurance premium can be paid in installments or in full with discount
  • Competitive price

Maximum underwriting capacity treaty:

– up to € 30,000,000 for Disaster Risk
– up to € 25,000,000 per Risk / Location

Cover risks:

FLEXA coverage:    fire, ligthning , explosion, falling aircraft
EXTENDED coverage:  torrential rain, hail, storms, hurricane, tornado, weight of snow or ice layer and snow avalanche; landslide, accidental fall of bodies (rocks, trees, poles, etc.), theft;
CATASTROPHAL risks:   earthquake, floods, landslides

Petitions/complaints lodged against the company CERTASIG SA and lodged with the Financial Supervisory Authority last 3 months are total of 1 (one). Their structure can be found by visiting the dedicated page here

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