• 2003 – CertAsig was founded following the merger of Fortuna SA and Romanian-Canadian Insurance Company, Aroca
  • December 2007 – Royalton Capital Investors II (RCI II) acquires 95% stake in CertAsig, RCI II is a private equity fund focused on investments within new European Union member states in Central and Eastern Europe
  • October 2008 – January 2009 – Territorial extension including 3 new branches strategically located in major Romanian cities: Constanta, Timisoara and Cluj
  • January 2010 – James Grindley was appointed Chief Executive Officer of CertAsig, previously holding the position of Deputy General Manager
  • 2011 – CertAsig increases its total Gross Written Premiums to EUR 6.9 million but reduces its motor CASCO exposure to below 10% of whole portfolio
  • 2011 – CertAsig confirms its position as a corporate insurer and announces that more than 90% of total Gross Written Premiums originate from broker partners in Romania and Turkey
  • July 2012 – CertAsig pays the largest claim of the year in the Romanian market, with the value of EUR 2,95 million
  • May 2012 – CertAsig opens a representative office in Istanbul to liaise with local Turkish broker partners and to support local marine and general aviation clients
  • 2012 – In a stagnant market, CertAsig grows its top-line by 44% to achieve total Gross Written Premiums of EUR 10 million for Romania and Turkey combined
  • January 2013 – CertAsig was the first Romanian Insurance company approved to offer P&l Insurance by the Turkish Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications
  • March 2013 – Awarded with “Special Prize for Stability and Tradition” by Media XPRIMM, receiving the recognition of its efforts and achievements for 10 years of activity
  • April 2013 – CertAsig opens an office in Sofia to offer property&casualty, bonds, marine and general aviation products through brokers
  • April 2013 – CertAsig positions itself as a regional Black Sea insurer active in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey employing 52 insurance professionals dedicated to developing solid broker and client relationships
  • May 2013 – CertAsig proudly celebrates its 10th anniversary with a number of broker market events
  • 2013 – CertAsig reaches 12 million Euros and achieves a 21% growth in Gross Written Premiums in 2013, generating substantial growth for the 4th consecutive year
  • July 2014 – Independent insurer CertAsig grows underwritten premiums in key industries : 45% growth in the construction industry and 78% growth in the transportation & logistics industry
  • November 2014 – CertAsig reports a solid, more profitable book of business in Turkey
  • December 2014 – CertAsig Insurance Company’s new branch is authorised by the Financial Supervision Commission in Bulgaria and Romania
  • December 2014 – CertAsig awarded for the Quality and efficiency of services by UNSICAR
  • March 2015 – CertAsig receives the International Development Award at the 15th Edition of the Insurance Market Awards Gala
  • April 2015 – CertAsig supports Romanian SME’s, as official partner at Ziarul Financiar event – “Small Entrepreneurs’ School”
  • June 2015 – CertAsig Drone Insurance Launch Event – first drone insurance in Romania
  • December 2015 – James Grindley awarded as “Manager of the Year” by UNSICAR
  • January 2016 – CertAsig receives green light form ASF for compliance with Solvency II
  • March 2016 – CertAsig awarded with special prize for Drone Insurance at Insurance Market Awards Gala
  • May 2016 – CertAsig awarded with Primm Trofee at FIAR 2016
  • August 2016 – CertAsig launches “Meet the Broker” program dedicated to their broker-partners
  • October 2016 – CertAsig awarded at Baden Baden XPrimm Reception for its contribution to the development and evolution of the insurance and reinsurance market
  • December 2016 – CertAsig awarded for Flexibility in Negotiation and Quoting at Gala UNSICAR
  • January 2017 – ASF approves the appointment of James Grindley for a new term as a Chairman of the Board of Directors at CertAsig
  • March 2017 – CertAsig won The Primm Trophee at Insurance Market Awards Gala.
  • May 2017 –Mihai Bizineche – Chief Underwriting Officer CertAsig – live on RFI radio station, speaking about D&O insurances
  • August 2017 – ASF appointed James Julian Grindley for a new term of office as General Manager of CertAsig
  • November 2017  – CertAsig achieves 12% growth in first 9 months of 2017
  • December 2017 – Shareholders appoint and ASF approves Cristian Daianu as Deputy General Manager. Bulgaria branch reaches 20% of company’s total non-marine premiums
  • March 2018 – Shareholders appoint and ASF approves Maria Rangelova as Deputy General Manager

Petitions/complaints lodged against the company CERTASIG SA and lodged with the Financial Supervisory Authority last 3 months are total of 1 (one). Their structure can be found by visiting the dedicated page here

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