Event Insurance

Each event is unique by definition and our product is designed to offer a tailor-made coverage. Event insurance offers security and comfort to the organizing event companies as well as to their clients. Our Event Insurance product is easy to understand and simple to buy. Our policies provide cover that is appropriate and affordable for a large range of events, taking place in Romania or Bulgaria.

Covered risks

  • Personal accident
  • General Third Party Liability
  • Employer’s Liability
  • Tenants’ Liability
  • Cancellation/Postponement
  • Event Equipment cover
  • Scenery, scene, decorations, props
  • Flowers, Cakes, Rings, Photos & Videos, Transports

Important events insured by CertAsig

  • Cirque du Soleil Show, Bucharest
  • The Human Body exhibition, Bucharest
  • Depeche Mode Concert, Bucharest
  • Opening of Europe League Final, Bucharest
  • White Sensations Show, Bucharest
  • Aerosmith Show, Bucharest
  • Liberty Parade dance show, Constanta
  • 10 years 60K in Bulgaria, Sofia

Normal maximum underwriting capacity:

Automatic reinsurance treaty capacity, according to each purchased section cover.

Type of insured events

Anniversary Parties

Antique Shows

Art Shows

Auto Shows

Award Presentations


Baptism Celebrations

Birthday Celebrations

Business Meetings

Business Shows

Catering Events

Charity Events

Children Parties

Civic Club Meeting

Class Reunions

Music Concerts

Commercial Events


Corporate Events

Cultural Events

Dance Events

Dancing Parties

Fair/ Exhibitions

Family Reunions

Fashion Shows


Film Shows

Flower Shows

Garden Shows

Graduation Celebrations

Costume Contests

Home Shows

Indoor Events

Job Fairs


Lounge Shows

Magic Show Outdoor Event

Outdoor/Overnight Camping Activities

Pet Shows

Photography Exhibitions

Picnics – no water activity





Sports Event

Static Auto Car Show

Store Openings

Testimonial Dinners

Trade Shows

Vacation Shows



Petitions/complaints lodged against the company CERTASIG SA and lodged with the Financial Supervisory Authority last 3 months are total of 1 (one). Their structure can be found by visiting the dedicated page here

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