Asigurari drone

Drone insurance

The product offered by CertAsig targets especially drone operators and covers risks of physical damage to the drone and associated equipment (CASCO) and third party liability.


Requirements for a drone to be insured:

  • the drone must be registered at the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority – AACR and be for commercial use only
  • the operator must fully comply with the regulations imposed by legislation (AACR indications) at all times
  • the operator must have a minimum experience in operating / ‘piloting’ drones – at least 25 hours and must have been trained by the manufacturer / Dealer forsafe use of the insured drone
  • the operator must not have had any losses or major incidents in the last 5 years
  • all flights must be entered in the drone’s “log book””
  • “Return to home” function must be set before each flight

The value of any equipment attached to the drone is included in the insured value for physical damage (CASCO). A list containing the assembly components of the drone (body, camera etc.) with their serial number (where applicable) and their value must accompany the policy.

Normal maximum underwriting capacity:

–up to USD 200,000 for Aviation Hull and USD 5,000,000 for third party liability

Please note! The following risks are not covered:

  • losses resulting from the illegal use of drones
  • all forms of indirect losses resulting from unidentifiable bodily injuries
  • claims for breach of privacy (in any form) – is an illegal use of the drone

Petitions/complaints lodged against the company CERTASIG SA and lodged with the Financial Supervisory Authority last 3 months are total of 1 (one). Their structure can be found by visiting the dedicated page here

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