CertAsig joined ‘Bucureștiul neștiut’, UNSICAR event

CertAsig joined ‘Bucureștiul neștiut’, UNSICAR event

 The National Union of Insurance Brokerage and Consultancy Societies from Romania – UNSICAR organized on the 18th of September ‘Bucureștiul neștiut’, an event that brought together in an informal environment guests from insurance sector – brokers, insurers, damage regulators, insurance consultants, ASF – Financial Supervisory Authority representatives, other associations from the financial market and journalists.

The event aimed to reveal a small part of the unknown city of Bucharest, and the guests enjoyed visiting two of Bucharest’s historical buildings: Elisabeth Theater – an architectural monument dating back to 1912 and the NBR Museum – a significant building in Bucharest, a captivating space dating back to 1933, with Romanian monetary and cultural history. At the Elisabeth Theater, the participants enjoyed a cultural and artistic experience, attending a play that animated the audience, while the visit to the NBR Museum highlighted to the visitors historical aspects, the building being a patrimony with a valuable numismatic collection and art.

Photo source: www.bnr.ro

Apart from the cultural aspects, during the conference the participants debated current subjects of the insurance market, such as the legislative package that involves the implementation of Insurance Distribution Directive – IDD. The law regulates:

  • Distribution of insurance and reinsurance products;
  • The organization and operation of insurance and reinsurance distributors, the supervision of distribution activities and other related activities;
  • Registration of intermediaries, including their authorization or approval to the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Addressing these legislative changes, the main topics discussed focused on modifying the operational flows involved in the implementation of IDD and the Continuing Professional Training required for staff with responsabilities in insurance products distribution.

The participants also brought into the discussion the relationship between broker and insurer, as well the importance of self-regulation for the brokerage companies.

Thus, the insurance industry analyzed past values to build a better future for the market, also marking the Centenary of the Great Union Day. The new format of UNSICAR’s informal event will be continued annually in the major cities of the country to discover historical buildings and less known traditions.

The National Union of Insurance Brokerage and Consultancy Societies from Romania– UNSICAR, founded in 2000, represents 72 companies – insurance brokerage, damage insurance companies, professional training.





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