Plan ahead for the upcoming concert, festival, fair and exhibition season! – by Andreea Tigau, Chief Liability Underwriter

Plan ahead for the upcoming concert, festival, fair and exhibition season!Andreea TigauAndreea Tigau

Top 6 things you should know about CertAsig event insurance

            Summer is rapidly approaching, bringing a new season of public events. There will be lots of concerts, festivals, fairs, and exhibitions to choose from this year, both in Bucharest and the main cities in Romania, as well as in the neighboring countries, such as Bulgaria.

When it comes to event planning, there are several things to consider in order to increase your success rate. It all starts with the question: have you ever thought there are unpredictable things that might occur during events? Is your company prepared to manage risks and overcome potential challenging situations that might even undermine a particular event?


These are fundamental questions that our team of specialists answers with a solution for the future: choose an event insurance that is suitable for you and your clients! Over time, the effectiveness of our solutions has been proven by the success of the events we have ensured, among which we can mention: Cirque du Soleil show, The Human Body exhibition, Depeche Mode, Europa FM, Aerosmith, Sting or Damian Draghici & Friends concerts, events organized by Gasca Zurli, Europa League finale opening, Balkanik festival in Bucharest, to name only a few.

Let us explain why such an insurance product is important and what you should know about the event insurance products we offer to our clients:45112093 - fans on stadium soccer game confetti and tinsel

  1. Flexibility – is key in a successful partnership

Event insurance is a modular product offering companies customized coverage tailored to specific events:

  • General civil liability insurance – covers damage caused to third parties
  • Service provider liability  – covers damage caused to clients
  • Tenant civil liability – covers damage caused to rental property
  • Financial loss insurance from insured risks (cancellations, deferrals) – additional surplus expenses caused by insured events
  • Accident insurance – accident resulting in death, permanent invalidity, hospitalization, surgery and medical expenses
  1. Awareness – first step in risk reduction

Our team has awarded over 50 insurance policies in one year. We are constantly renewing our efforts and we want to increase companies’ interest in this insurance product in the future. If 2 years ago, less than 10% of Romanian events were insured, today things are changing, and fortunately, companies organizing events are increasingly aware of how important it is to befit from this type of insurance product.

  1. Adaptability – a product that can be easily customized by you and your clients

One of the advantages of an event insurance product is that it can be framed for several kinds of events. The most commonly insured events include: concerts, holiday fairs, private events, festivals, courses, product presentations, championships or events for children.

  1. High quality expertise – a dedicated team helps you eliminate risks!

We know that event planning involves in depth knowledge of several fields, which often means a larger number of specialized employees. Event insurance gives you the liberty of leaving problems in the hands of a team of professionals.

The insurer analyses client’s experience, event duration, contractors involvement, safety and prevention measures taken by the organizer, whether alcoholic beverages or food are served or not. The client has the obligation to hold permits for the event, and a plan for emergency situations in accordance with the legislation in force. After collecting all the information, the terms of the insurance policy are established.

  1. Power of example – become a model for others!

A number of companies have chosen so far our event insurance product. Together we are continuously developing projects, some first edition, others already a tradition. CertAsig team believes that these projects should become an example of good practice to be followed.

To be more specific, some of the most interesting events we insure are the projects created by Gasca Zurli for children in Romania. This is a client benefiting from complex coverage, tailored to each tour, show, and location. Such events involve high risks, considering we are talking about venues accommodating up to 5000 children and parents. Every time, the success of such an event is doubled by the gratifying feeling that we have managed to provide impeccable event planning, optimal conditions, and a safe environment for all participants.

  1. Proactivity – the element that makes a difference!

It is not uncommon for people to start acting only when they have been involved in unfortunate experiences. Shortly after the tragedy in Colectiv club, we have noticed that people are becoming increasingly aware, on a personal level, and begin paying more attention to the venues hosting the events they choose to attend during their leisure time. That was ground zero for event planners who realized that beyond their daily challenges (delays, production problems, etc.), they should treat their responsibility toward the parties involved with utmost seriousness.

Choosing an event insurance protects you in extreme situations, streamlines the work of your team, optimizes your costs, helping you build and preserve a good reputation. We strongly recommend a proactive attitude, convincing your partners that what you offer is more than event participation. Prove that you are a true professional and place their safety first!

For further information on this new insurance product, please contact:

Andreea TIGAU – Chief Liability Underwriter

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