The winners of the Insurance Broker Awards 2018 were… – Marina Stefan

CertAsig offered two awards of excellence as partner of the event

Media Xprimm organized the seventh consecutive year the Insurance Broker Awards. The event focuses on the performance and results of Romanian insurance brokerage companies.

The Awards ceremony took place in a warm and relaxing atmosphere at Nomad Skybar Restaurant. It was the perfect opportunity for the representatives of the insurance and brokerage market to reunite and enjoy business networking. CertAsig supported the event showing its commitment to support and develop long term relationships with the insurance brokers. Brokers now control more than an estimated 75% of total non-life premiums in Romania.

The highlight of the evening involved the announcement of the winners. Awards were given to professionals who in 2017, dedicated time, resources and energy to further contribute to the insurance industry. For every effort, we congratulate them as we are glad to promote excellence together!

James Grindley – CEO, CertAsig awarded the Trophy of Excellence to Destine Broker. The prize recognized Destine Broker’s initiative on the brokerage market. The team’s constant efforts had a significant impact on the market. Beside this, we have an extra reason to celebrate because Destine Broker is our traditional partner. For more than 10 years, we have developed an efficient and trusting business relationship together. Impressively, Destine Broker recorded an increase of 13% in 2017 compared to 2016 and significantly contributed to the development of the market.

Also, our company was honored to present a second Excellence Award, this time for Dynamism. The winner of this prize was DAW Management Broker. The prize was offered by James Grindley – CEO and Mihai Bizineche, Chief Underwriting Officer, CertAsig to Gheorghe Balaban – CEO DAW Management Broker.

For CertAsig, our partners – brokers – are our main insurance distribution channel, as CertAsig does not have a network of agents. This way we avoid the situation where our own sales force turns into a competitor, which might trigger conflicts and brokers’ dissatisfaction. The Insurance Broker Awards event is important for CertAsig, even more so considering that the insurance market, which is highly concentrated in Romania and not only – as our company is locally represented both in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic – is steadily expanding and consolidating. This means that brokers’ role in the development and education of the insurance market has been generally confirmed, which makes it even more crucial when it comes to the quality of the services provided and the added value delivered to clients, as quantity is not the only relevant factor.

For 2018, we are confident that the general insurance market will not experience a contraction on the corporate and SMEs segment, as it happened 8-9 years ago during the financial crisis, which simultaneously impacted the leasing and bank-assurance market. This time, populist measures and the lack of legislative and fiscal predictability may trigger a stagnation, if not decrease of both public and private investments in Romania. Market trends signal a moderate market consolidation, an increased rebranding activity and innovative product development, and it is our belief that CertAsig is a pioneer on the Romanian insurance market.”, says Mihai Bizineche, Chief Underwriting Officer, CertAsig.

From the beginning, CertAsig was focused on working with insurance brokers and is now very pleased to have built strong partnerships. We are honored not only to be partners of this event but also to recognize the performance of brokerage companies. For CertAsig, broker involvement means creating the frame for a successful business. We know that behind their work there is determination, continuous effort, but also the desire for innovation. For all those things, we are grateful and we awarded two prizes of excellence with a positive vision for the future. Undoubtedly, we will continue to promote partnership with brokers and develop stronger business relationships.

The Insurance Broker Awards event is one clear evidence that we can look optimistically to the future of the insurance market and that there are true professionals in Romania who are contributing to the development of the industry every day.

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