Building a team that shares a dream – by Cristina Hlinschi, PR & Communication Consultant

What do you know about CertAsig? Quite a lot probably, since you’re reading this newsletter!20170609_112214

We are a team of 92 professionals, based in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. We introduce ourselves as insurance professionals, we generate a turnover of 14 million euros annually, we work with more than 200 insurance brokerage companies and we protect the businesses and assets of more than 7000 companies across the CEE region.

How do we do that? We invest a lot of time, attention and energy into our strength and competence not just as individuals, but also as a team.

One of our « secret weapons » into becoming stronger together is our annual company event, which this year took place on June 8-9th, in the very scenic Pestera hotel situated at 1600 m altitude in the Bucegi natural park.

Over 2 days, all our team members took part in training sessions and exercises which helped us get to know each other better and learn new, or more effective, ways to work together and to make our work fulfilling, rewarding and fun.

Sometimes it’s a complex process, sometimes it’s as easy as putting a face to a voice or an email address. And other times it’s just getting caught in the rain together but being able to smile!

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