CertAsig media breakfast

media breakfast 2CertAsig media breakfast

At the end of April, we were pleased to present and talk about CertAsig’s results and activity in the first quarter with key journalists specialised in insurance and business, during a relaxed, informal breakfast at our headquarters in Bucharest.

James Grindley, CEO of CertAsig, presented this year’s trends, starting with our gross written premiums which were up 6% versus last year. After a year 2016 which focused on stability and portfolio diversification, with reduced appetite for marine P&I in Turkey. Mr. Grindley went on to describe the ambitious growth plans for 2017 targeting a total GWP volume of 17 million euros.

CertAsig’s strategy and specialised products, targeted exclusively at the corporate segment, capturmedia breakfasted the attention of our guests. We talked about trends on the bond insurance segment, where CertAsig is market leader, about our liability insurance products, about engineering risks and also the marine insurance market.

We also discussed insurance products that are very niche in Romania and which we are developing, such as cyber security or additional clauses for terrorism risks, which we added at the beginning of 2017 to the risks we cover for our clients.

We would like to thank our partners in the business media for accepting our invitation and we promise to meet again with good news after the second quarter.

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