Mihai Bizineche – Chief Underwriting Officer CertAsig live on RFI Romania

Mihai Bizineche – Chief Underwriting Officer  CertAsig live on RFI Romania

TBizinechehe show touched on various topics related to D&O insurance, such as reasons why this cover is necessary, who are the persons eligible for such a cover – apart from CEOs, conditions and limits of liability. Of utmost interest were the costs involved for this cover, the risks covered by such insurance, and also who can claim compensation under a D&O policy.

CertAsig provides this product through its broker partners and is excited to see a growing interest in D&O coverage.

D&O insurance is an important tool in supporting good business management practices and in allowing decision-making freedom despite ever-increasing regulations, fast-changing market and technology and ever increasing competition.

The subject of D&O’s liability requires the insurance market and potential customers for this comprehensive insurance product to carefully explore a better understanding of how this insurance product works and what are the benefits for the management of the companies and also to companies themselves and to their shareholders.

D&O claims are usually the result of shareholders or other stakeholders of the insured (regulators, suppliers, etc) alleging negligent management decisions of the company’s executive directors. The claimant must clearly show a financial loss directly attributable to such alleged negligence.

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For more details about D&O insurance and topics above, please contact our specialists from the Liability Center of Excellence:
Mihai Bizineche, CUO – mihai.bizineche@certasig.ro – 0733107323
Valentin Enescu, Chief Liability Underwriter – valentin.enescu@certasig.ro – 0731499111
Andreea Tigau, Senior Liability Underwriter – andreea.tigau@certasig.ro – 0728073569

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