30 June 2016 CertAsig Summer Cocktail Party brings good news to brokers and business partners

CertAsig Summer Cocktail Party brings good news to brokers and business partners


CertAsig organised its traditional Summer Brokers’ Cocktail party in Bucharest, on June 23rd. The event is already well-known within the insurance brokers’ community and is dedicated to the company’s broker partners, as well as other business friends.

In a wonderful venue, on the shore of Herastrau Lake, CertAsig’s management spoke of the company’s growth over the recent years and in the first half of 2016. Since its acquisition in 2007 by Royalton Capital Investors, CertAsig has grown from a small insurer with premiums of only 2 million lei per year, into a solid company, with annual premiums of 70 million lei!  CertAsig now has a strong activity in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey and is a market-maker in the segment of specialised  corporate insurance, leading the industry in niches like insurance bonds.  More than 95% of CertAsig’s business is generated through its partners, the insurance brokers.

Nigel Williams, Chairman of the Board, CertAsig Holdings, mentioned in his speech: “It’s already 9 years that we are the main investor in CertAsig and I am very proud of our team for its outstanding growth and success”.

James Grindley, CEO of CertAsig, speaking of the company’s results in 2016, added that “it has not been an easy market context, as 40-45% of our business is represented by products dedicated to the constructions segment, which this year saw less projects. On the other hand, we achieved a 25% growth in the general liability class, which now amounts to 15% of our portfolio.  Our expertise in developing specialized insurance products and our reliability, prompt response and support for our brokers and clients are our strong suit and the key to our solid and sustainable business growth”.


Left to right: Nigel Williams (Chairman of the Board),  James Grindley (CEO)

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